Bungeecord No /server

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Help' started by Alex32979, May 25, 2018.

  1. Hi, On my server running bungee cord, it will not do /server, even on the bungee console. I'm using multicraft to run it.
  2. The /server command will not work in the console because it can only be within the game. Usage: /server <servername>
  3. I know that I tried in game, it does not work. Neither does /glist, but /end does.
  4. Are you seeing any errors in console or any `You cannot do this` type messages in-game?
  5. It just shows the /help message.
  6. Try using a custom bungee jar, on Multicraft use the .jar folder in the root directory, download Bungee from here - https://ci.md-5.net/job/BungeeCord/
  7. I did do that, and I even tried Hexacord, it still did not work.