Bungeecord not liking changing IP

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  1. I have a Spigot server that runs on a dynamic ip (through a dynamic DNS service). Whenever the IP changes.. the Bungeecord server fails to pick up on it until i manually restart it. Is there any way around this, or any plugin that can pick up on the changes?

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  2. how would the server ip change?
    you must have the default ip to not be a DNS or Domain since its not made for that....
    try adding the ip that is from the machine is currently running on
  3. Use
  4. oh that make sence,
    Me: hey bro can i join your server? what the ip?
    Friend: Yeah,sure . its

    Me: WTF is wrong with you?

    No for real? how can someone come on it to host a BungeeCord network on his own network.maybe a LAN Party but still doesnt make sence AT ALL
  5. Sorry.. i should have made myself clearer..
    The Bungeecord server is in a datacenter on a static IP while the spigot server is at my house (with the dynamic IP). Whenever my houses' IP changes.. the bungeecord server just says it cannot connect to default/fallback server until i restart it.
  6. means listen on all ips, so you do not need to change the ip in the config
  7. but if you host the BungeeCord at a DataCenter and the normal servers at home, then MUST be servers at the DataCenter since localhost cant get to somewhere outside.
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  8. If you have bungee at the datacenter and the spigot servers at home, Set bungeecord host to and the spigot server ip to and install a plugin called ipwhitelist on spigot
  9. I know that i havent got the solution how to fix this, but i recommend you not posting ANYTHING on this post again, its keep getting worse my man :-[
  10. I think you're misunderstanding the issue here.

    @thetechnoman1 I believe this issue is because when you use a dynamic host it most likely looks up the host on server start. For example:

    You have dyn.dns.org as your server which is currently pointing to 123.456.789, BungeeCord stores this IP address in memory, your IP address changes to 987.654.321 so BungeeCord can no longer connect. After restart it grabs the new IP and everything works fine. This is how I believe this works, I can't think of any other reason for your issue.

    To fix this you can either make some sort of BungeeCord plugin to auto-restart your proxy when the IP changes (or even dynamically update the server IP not requiring a restart) or you could route your Spigot server via a VPS or something which can use your hostname and have a static IP for Spigot.

    Hope this helps at least a bit, PM me if you need any other help/advice :)
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  11. OLD ASS vid but if i look at the commands it should still work, only thing i think is, if you do not try you will never know...
  12. This is something completely different. It's showing you how to assign an internal static IP address which I would hope OP already has. It'll be their external IP which is dynamic as they'll be running on a non-business connection which you don't get static IP's with (usually).
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  13. Thanks i will do some more investigating in the morning :p
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  14. Same Problem any fix yet?
  15. Nope, not yet