Solved bungeecord not working!! pls help!

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  2. Can you give us the bungeecord.yml ?
  3. there is no bungeecord.yml
    there only is a config.yml in the bungeecord file
  4. There should be in your bungeecord files a bungee.yml, pleasr share
  5. Go to your bungeecord server and copy the bungee.yml. Not on the lobby.
  6. The File has the name "config.yml" in the BungeeCord-Folder.
    Not bungee.yml or something
  7. Please share your BungeeCord config.yml, it looks like you pasted the bukkit.yml link twice.
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  9. EDIT: it calls the skyblock server lobby.
    and the lobby server doesnt work
  10. Why is this here ;P
    " skyblock: null"

    Also change to:
    connection_throttle: -1

    - lobby
    - skyblock

    Also make sure online-mode: false

    Anyways spoon feeding... Also optimized/fixed other things to make clients use less packets so it's smoother for slower connections.
    And enabled Mojang acc verification's cause it should be on unless it's a cracked server.
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  11. i did al you said but now i cant join the server at all
  12. Post the bungeecord startup log