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  1. So i've made a anti direct ip system on my server but when a server crashes it functions as if you joined using direct ip. When a server crashes does it function as if the server is sending it to bungeecord or bungeecord is sending it to itself...as in the ip.
  2. very confusing
    when the server crashes (bungee) the minecraft server will be offline?
    when a server crashes such as hub
    you will be able to connect.??
  3. My default server is lets say 111.111.111
    So people join using myserver.myserver.myserver
    So they are forced into the lobby from joining myserver.myserver.myserver but if they join using 111.111.111 it'll redirect them to a whitelisted server saying direct ip address usage detected.
    But right now when the server the player connected to from the lobby crashes it goes to the default server as if they joined from 111.111.111. Does bungee process it as it goes to the 111.111.111's server or that they joined from myserver.myserver.myserver
  4. that they joined from myserver.myserver.myserver if you have the antidirectip plugin
  5. i'm not using a plugin i'm just changing the bungeecord configuration to process it.
  6. Server ip? Ill connect and help in game
  7. play.blazecraft.ga see when you go on that you go directly to the lobby, forced host. when you connect using a direct ip or from another bungeecord redirecting to mine you'll get an error because your redirected to a whitelisted server. Does bungee not keep in mind that they joined forced host after the join process finished?