Bungeecord-online dosen't work!

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  1. Hello. I have turned my server to a bungeecord server and it's nearly working. I can join with localhost, but when I try to join with my public ip nothing happen. I think it is something in my config. I have tested canyouseeme, and it can see me at port 25565. So whats the problem? If you can join my discord I can send you a picture of my config. Agemo#1352. PLEASE HELP
  2. Post your config please
  3. As Kzxy said, post your config. When you say nothing happens, you do not have an error message? Your computer is able to ping the server?

    Moreover you must know that if you want people to use your public ip, you have to open your ports.
    If you want people who are already connected to your wifi network, you have to give them your local ip (localhost or look at the screen below).

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  4. You can attack pictures or embed them on here, i dont have discord. i am already on the forums, why would i move to something else