Solved BungeeCord only pinging one of two servers!

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  1. I recently changed from BungeeCord 1.8 to BungeeCord 1.9.
    The config is completely different, and I have one problem now. As you can see on the title, I have 2 servers connected to BungeeCord, but only one (in this case, hub) is pinged... Basically, if someone is on my factions server, it doesn't show up on the player count... (And the maximum players amount should be 100 but it's 50, the hub server capacity)

    Here is my config.

    Here are some screenshots: Minecraft ping, Multicraft ping

    I saw that if we swap line 22 (- hub) and 23 (- factions) from my config, the factions server is pinged and the hub not.
  2. Use the old bungeecord, it is compatible with 1.9 clients. or just use 1.8, it is less buggy anyway.
  3. What are you talking about? The old bungeecord does not support 1.9. It supports 1.7-1.8
  4. Simply modify the bungeecord's protocol. Takes less than 30 minutes with Eclipse.
  5. The old BungeeCord is not compatible with 1.9... And my server is compatible with 1.8 and 1.9 (using ViaVersion)

    I was looking at BungeeCord src and I'm trying to edit the ping part, because I think it's better than edit the version part... But I didn't found anything that can be useful... Any ideas?
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  6. Just go to the old bungee's source, find the protocol files and just edit them to whatever you need.
  7. I tried, but the server keeps pinging and after a while, it's says Can't connect to server. ... Any ideas? (Nothing appears on console)
    When I join the server it keeps saying "Logging in..." and it says "Timed out" after a while (Nothing on console either)

    Is there a way do change the maxplayers and the onlineplayers via plugin?
  8. I figured out with a plugin!
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