bungeecord or just one server

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  1. hi

    i have a question, is bungeecord more for big servers that buy a hosting?
    or can you do it olso with your fast own internet? or makes it the server then slow?

    because you open so many servers at the same time?
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  2. I'd suggest if you want to open a bungeecord network to use a hosting service. Doing it on your own home computer and using it for public use first of all can bring serious security issues. If someone would want to hack the server or ddos the server, they would be hacking / ddosing' your router. I'd also suggest to use a hosting service so your ram does not get used up so much by the bungeecord network. Also that if you actually get players on your bungeecord network, for me, I wouldn't want all those players connecting directly to my home router and can produce stress on the router and again like I said before, can be a little unsafe. Therefore I shall conclude that, its best to use a hosting service for public, bunggecord networks.

    (If you just want to use the network for yourself or trusted friends, thats fine, but if it's for the public in which everyone can use it, I would deem that unsafe, just for the sake of security issues.)

    If you would like to continue even though there can be consequences for letting people use your router as a server, it's fine. The lag on the server will only change depending on your computer itself or how much ram you let the server use of your computer.
  3. Bungee cord is for people trying to have a network with a lot of servers.
  4. Thanks for your reaction. i want to let much players play on it, but.. buying a host i think it is expensive. but yeah what you say. if i do it at my home people can ddos me.
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  5. If you don't have enough money, then I would suggest to wait a bit until you can afford to run multiple servers. But as hosting service can be a bit pricey, I would also suggest to start small, just pay for one server, and as you grow, you can open more servers :D
  6. wait.. so when you have like 4 servers a lobby survival creative and spleef like this. then you have to buy 4 times a server host ?
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  7. So say a 1gb ram server costs $10 per month, and then you got another 1gb ram server that also costs $10 per month. This means that you would have to be paying $20 per month (we are not including the cost for another server for bungee.).
  8. mm that sucks man .. i have 2 euro, can i do something with it :')?
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  9. If you only have 2 euro then I would wait to get more money to open a server. Sorry man ;(
  10. bungeecord need to be online all the time in order player to join the hub thought