BungeeCord Plugin Folder vs Server Plugin Folder

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  1. I know this may seem like a potentially dumb question, but please be gentle...I am new to this. :p

    I am using BungeeCord to make a multi-world server. At this time, it will be just a Lobby (Hub) and a survival world. BungeeCord, Lobby, and the Survival World is set up (mostly...am waiting to add custom worlds for lobby and survival world until plug-ins are working). Eventually, I will be adding more worlds (along with a hardware upgrade to go with it)...like a Factions World, Creative World, Games, and potentially a few more.

    In the main folder, I have a "Bungee" folder (for the BungeeCord setup), a "Lobby" folder, and a "World" folder. I noticed that the BungeeCord folder also has a plugins folder.

    So, how do I know which plugins folder to put it in? BungeeCord Plugin or to one of the Worlds Plugin?
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    Just so you don't get confused in future with terminology, you don't actually have multiple worlds on a server, you are running multiple independent servers which bungeecord then links together by acting as a proxy. You can have multiple worlds on a single server if you want, however if you have different game types then what you are doing is the better option.

    BungeeCord has a plugins folder because just like bukkit/spigot, it has an API to allow developers to make addons for it. However, instead of being on the actual server, it's on the proxy. Bungee plugins are useful for handling things across server instances and other network related tasks, and they can't do the normal things a bukkit plugin could.
    For example, a bungeecord plugin can't give players items, teleport them around worlds, place blocks, make inventory GUIs, etc.

    If you ever download a plugin it should be clear whether it's meant for the server or proxy. Most bungee plugins clearly state that they should be put in the bungeecord plugins folder anyway.

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