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  1. I am trying to configure a plugin for a server that involves a few things. First, I need to get information from the player as soon as they connect and also when they disconnect from a server. The information I need is: the server they have entered or left, username of the player, UUID of the player, and if they connected or disconnected. Lastly, it involves going from http post request to json body. I am new to plugin development and would love any help or advice! Thank you in advance!
  2. Well do you at least have ANY experience of programming? If not it's gonna be quite difficult to master your project for you.
  3. I have college classes of Java, C, C++ under my belt. I have done lots of programming with Java itself. Just never focused on plugins or minecraft.
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    Should read the Spigot JavaDocs (and maybe watch a few basic tutorials), it'll be a good start; especially if you have previous experience
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  5. Okay sounds good, thank you!
  6. Don't know if it's needed anymore but if you want to log the information on the first player join, you could check, if the config already contains the name of the player and if not, you can add his informatio.