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Discussion in 'BungeeCord Help' started by Shreyas007, Jun 26, 2020.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I have a bungee cord server on-going but I haven’t port forwarded it yet for my friends to join yet. On a regular vanilla or spigot server usually I would just port forward that one port Ex. 25565, but I know that for bungee cord I need to portfoward all the ports that my server is running on. In some routers configuration page in a web browser, when you port forward, it allows you to put a number-to-number port. For ex.

    Outgoing port (port number) - (port number)
    Incoming port (port number) - (port number)

    If all my server ports are running consecutively for example 25565, 25566, 25567, 25568, 25569, 25570, in my port forwarding can I just list the lowest and highest ports for both outgoing and incoming ports?

    Any solid answers will be greatly appreciated!

    Shreyas Ayyengar
  2. I think that you can do 25565-25570 that Should work in the outgoing and incoming port
  3. If all the servers are running on your own computer, you should only portforward the BungeeCord server. From a security point of view, it is better not to have the backend servers to be accessible outside of your home network.
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  4. 1. Do you think I'm still at risk if a port forward my bungeecord port only
    2. Will players still be able to join my backend servers if it's only bungeecord that's port forwarded?

    Many thanks for your reply,

    Shreyas Ayyengar
  5. no Don't only Port Forward the Bungeecord server if you do that your friends can only join the Bungeecord server not like the lobby or any server
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  6. Yes, your players will still be able to join the backend servers as BungeeCord handles these connections. The player only ever needs to be able to connect to BungeeCord. From there, BungeeCord will handle the connection.

    That is false. Please see my explanation above.
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  7. foncused

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    @UElitez is correct. You only need to expose one port (25565 by default) whether you use BungeeCord or not, unless you are hosting separate servers (i.e. servers not configured together with BungeeCord).

    If you forward your other ports, you may be exposing your backend server instances, which normally are configured as online-mode=false since BungeeCord handles the auth with Mojang.
  8. Ahhh! Okay! Thank you @foncused and @UElitez! I'll only port forward my bungee cord as Mojang Handles Auth, and that players will be able to join my backend servers!

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