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  1. Is it necessary to have MySQL to protect a Network? Or the firewall alone would suffice.?
  2. What? MySQL is a database
  3. I know but there I heard that it is necessary to protect, I didn't really believe that's why I wanted to hear some opinions here.
  4. MYSQL has nothing to do with protecting a network... Do you know what even MYSQL does? MYSQL is for syncing and managing databases. To make this a little more easier for you to understand, let's use the plugin LuckPerms as a example. Luckperms is a permission plugin that has an option to utilize MYSQL. If a person was on a different section of the server, that person would have that rank on all servers. MYSQL doesn't just do that. It's able to store anything from a player's money to a player's inventory. Another example, Litebans. Let's say you want a player to be banned from not just 1 section, but all. If you store bans in a database, the ban will be throughout the whole network. Having a firewall definitely is a great way to secure malicious users from accessing your server through ports. You were on the right track with Firewall, but let me repeat, MYSQL does not protect a network. Others will probably tell you something similar.
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    If you have properly setup your firewall/run everything on the same machine and backend servers on localhost then your servers behind the Bungee proxy should be properly protected against attacks that exploit forwarding of IPs/UUIDs to your backend Minecraft servers as they can simply not be reached from outside and only your BungeCord proxy.
  6. I was thinking about managing my network in different VPS. Am I more exposed to attacks to it? I'm talking about taking advantage of bugs, etc which can put my network at risk.

    I have in mind to create a small Network, but I also have to split it by several VPS in this way:

    Lobby and BungeeCord in the same VPS
    In another VPS mode#1
    And in another VPS mode#2.