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  1. Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to connect two bungeecord proxy's together. For example:
    I have two VPS' one is from Europe and the other from US. I want to make a US proxy connect to the EU lobbies, to help the lag a little bit. Is this possible?
    Here's a better example:
    EU Proxy - connects to - Lobby1(EU vps)
    US Proxy - connects to - Lobby1(EU VPS)
    and also,
    EU Proxy - connects to - Lobby-us(US vps)
    US Proxy - connects to - Lobby-us(US vps)

  2. Lobby lag shouldn't matter right?
    It's gameplay where lag becomes an issue.
    99% of the time players are on the servers to play,
    they're only in the lobby for a tiny portion of the time..

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