bungeecord proxy hosted on server host, others on my pc

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  1. I bought a server from a server host and I was wondering if i setup bungee cord on there(because it has forwarded ports) if i could setup the hub and other game servers on my PC without port forwarding(UPnP blocked etc.)
  2. Without using any external clients, you can't. Servers will have to be port forwarded in order to be accessible to others on the internet. Also, if you host your own servers you have to take in account internet speed, computer specs, and the power costs of running the machine 24/7.
  3. Trust me, even a free host is better than your home pc in most cases. I recommend you check out Aternos, Minehut, Server.pro or another variant, or you go with a budget provider like Pebblehost, Aquatis or something in that price range.
  4. @inventivetalent was working on a system that allowed you to setup a proxy for your server, without any port forwarding needed. I can't find it though, it may have been abandoned.
  5. You might be thinking about https://noxsi.com/ by @FormallyMyles which is currently not active anymore, unfortunately.
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  6. Ah yes, might have been. Sorry for mixing you up.