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  1. So, I was wondering, I might be starting a small server network. Now, if all these servers are on 1 machine, can I have a BungeeCord hub server for the whole network, and have that hub can link to other hubs for the network, and the parts of the network all link back to the main network hub. So sort of like vice-versa. Kind of like this:


    So basically, im wondering if this is possible, or will something give me a problem. Note: this is all on 1 machine and on 1 IP. Thank you in advance for your help! :D
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    It's possible but will take a lot of thought on your side to succeed. You would need to setup the other hubs like regular servers, but instead they go to other servers. Sort of confusing but possible. Serverception
  3. Ok, thanks ill look into that.
  4. May I suggest multiverse It's a plugin that allows you to have access to multiple worlds on one server. That would take care of your sub servers.