BungeeCord running out of memory for months.

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Have you had memory problems with your BungeeCord setup?

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  1. Hello!

    I have had issues with my BungeeCord almost half a year now.
    So what happens that it eats memory all the time, the memory usage grows a little all the time and then finally it crashes.

    The issue is not on my plugins. I have tried without any plugins and it still happens. I had to start using two proxies with Redis because of this issue and yes, this issue is on both of them.

    I really would appreciate if someone who has some knowledge about this would help me :)

    Latest memory "leak" crash: http://pastebin.com/4qUrY2ZN
    I am using the latest build of BungeeCord
  2. I have been facing similar problems lately. Weirdly enough not even all memory was allocated to the java process that I had assigned it, and yes I have plenty of memory left on the machine.

    But in my case I have not shut out the chance that a plugin could contain a memory leak.
  3. Ever thought of creating swap, if you use a VPS?
  4. I've been running my BungeeCord instance with 1GB RAM for 3 months, no restarts, no crashes.
  5. My proxys are the only "servers" which i do not host myself. Them are hosted at BisectHosting for security reasons.
    The actual gameservers are running on a OVH machine.

    I have been doing that too, but with 512mb :D I hope that i still could.
  6. That's a VERY bad setup. The memory problems could be host-related.
  7. easyusual


    I host my bungee proxy with a shared host who rent from OVH. They're secure and reliable.
  8. I agree in some ways.

    Do you guys use Java 7 or Java 8 with your BungeeCord?
  9. So does BisectHosting. The ping is between 0.1-0.3 ms between the proxys and my box.
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    Yeah, it's cool. Do you know if they're overselling on the boxes at all? It doesn't seem like a problem with Bungee, more likely the host. Or, even tried hosting on your own box for a day or two?
  11. They are not and i don't want to give the IP to the box to public.

    Bump with the lastest crash: http://pastebin.com/xXq4Zm3w
  12. According to Stack Over Flow;

    "This message means that for some reason the garbage collector is taking an excessive amount of time (by default 98% of all CPU time of the process) and recovers very little memory in each run (by default 2% of the heap)."

    Source: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/...g-outofmemoryerror-gc-overhead-limit-exceeded

    I'm unsure whats happening there.
  13. it ys bicuz yor serv is to low for bungeecord get better machine and it'll be fine
  14. Yea, looks to me like the CPU of your VPS isn't powerful enough to keep up with garbage collection.
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  15. commandline args?
  16. GeorgeHousley123


    1-50 players you can use a shared host for bungee.
    50-200 use a VPS (NOT OVH)
    200 to 800 use a dedicated server
    800+ use multiple proxies.