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  1. EN : Hello to start sorry for the spelling I'm French. I have a problem on my BungeeCord I connected all the servers. But when I connect to the lobby its walking but I can do nothing as if I lager I can not break or write anything I noticed when I join as if I was making Tp here my bungeecord console that makes mistakes as if I am Already connected good to you to say how to set it up. thank you

    Fr : Bonjour pour commencer désolé pour l'orthographe je suis français . j'ai un problème sur mon BungeeCord j'ai relié tous les serveurs . mais quand je me connecte au lobby sa marche mais je peux rien faire comme si je lager je peux pas casser ni rien écrire j'ai remarqué quand je rejoins comme si je me faisais Tp voici ma console bungeecord qui fait des erreurs comme si je suis déjà connecté bon à vous de dire comment régler sa . Merci à vous .

    Here is the console when I join : https://pastebin.com/HLDCcce4
  2. i could help but i dont understand what ur trying to say. Have you got bungeecord set to true in spigot.yml in the lobby server? also check if ur op.
  3. I did everything as usual but when I connect as you see it makes me a kind of Tp and in the console its but player already connect and I can do anything even afterwards in the console I me / send on A server and on the other server I can do everything and as soon as I come back to the lobby I can also do everything
  4. got any plugins on lobby that might be doing it?
  5. There is only BuycraftX.jar plugin
  6. Console log and bungeecord config pastebin please
  7. Its says: You logged from other location that means someone join on your account, its because some hacker join on a direct port so its connect him to cracked server auto, and they can grief or damage your bungeecord network. In this, you need to close your ports or use OnlyProxyJoin plugin to your servers and its may protect your server. I hope helpfull.
  8. Hello, we need an error log to help you