Bungeecord server is full bug or error?

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  1. This is my config.yml from the bungeecord:

    What did i do wrong for the hcf server to not let me get in without op or is there some kind of node or permission to give to players so they can join if anyone can help i would like them to be fast my opening of the server is tomorrow so yeah!
  2. Btw it is just saying when i try to connect from the hub server Server is full donate at that and that shop to get permission to go in or something like that!
  3. Gaxan


    Nothing to do with Bungee. It's a plugin you installed on the server and didn't edit the config file.
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  4. Could you if i sent u picture of all the plugins I have to determine what is wrong?
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    I could take a look and look at the ones I think may be the issue.
  6. thank you do not get confused by the hosting my country is retarded xd here is the pic i uploaded it

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  7. I tried with that joinfullserver plugin but nah not working i put the permission node but no it doesnt work so what could be the problem