Bungeecord Server refuses connection

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  1. When I login to my bungeecord IP it says Connection Refused.
    Ive started my terminal!
    Here is the startup terminal:
    Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM warning: ignoring option MaxPermSize=128m; support was removed in 8.0
    18:32:13 [INFO] Using standard Java JCE cipher. To enable the OpenSSL based native cipher, please make sure you are using 64 bit Ubuntu or Debian with libssl installed.
    18:32:13 [INFO] Using standard Java compressor. To enable zero copy compression, run on 64 bit Linux
    18:32:13 [INFO] Enabled BungeeCord version git:BungeeCord-Bootstrap:1.8-SNAPSHOT:"d1e1ce4":1060
    18:32:14 [INFO] Discovered module: ModuleSpec(name=cmd_alert, file=modules/cmd_alert.jar, provider=JenkinsModuleSource())
    18:32:14 [INFO] Discovered module: ModuleSpec(name=cmd_find, file=modules/cmd_find.jar, provider=JenkinsModuleSource())
    18:32:14 [INFO] Discovered module: ModuleSpec(name=cmd_list, file=modules/cmd_list.jar, provider=JenkinsModuleSource())
    18:32:14 [INFO] Discovered module: ModuleSpec(name=cmd_send, file=modules/cmd_send.jar, provider=JenkinsModuleSource())
    18:32:14 [INFO] Discovered module: ModuleSpec(name=cmd_server, file=modules/cmd_server.jar, provider=JenkinsModuleSource())
    18:32:14 [INFO] Discovered module: ModuleSpec(name=reconnect_yaml, file=modules/reconnect_yaml.jar, provider=JenkinsModuleSource())
    18:32:14 [INFO] Loaded plugin reconnect_yaml version git:reconnect_yaml:1.8-SNAPSHOT:"d1e1ce4":1060 by SpigotMC
    18:32:14 [INFO] Loaded plugin cmd_find version git:cmd_find:1.8-SNAPSHOT:"d1e1ce4":1060 by SpigotMC
    18:32:14 [INFO] Loaded plugin cmd_server version git:cmd_server:1.8-SNAPSHOT:"d1e1ce4":1060 by SpigotMC
    18:32:14 [INFO] Loaded plugin cmd_alert version git:cmd_alert:1.8-SNAPSHOT:"d1e1ce4":1060 by SpigotMC
    18:32:14 [INFO] Loaded plugin cmd_send version git:cmd_send:1.8-SNAPSHOT:"d1e1ce4":1060 by SpigotMC
    18:32:14 [INFO] Loaded plugin cmd_list version git:cmd_list:1.8-SNAPSHOT:"d1e1ce4":1060 by SpigotMC
    18:32:14 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "main"
    18:32:14 [SEVERE] mapping values are not allowed here
    in 'reader', line 41, column 11:

    18:32:14 [SEVERE] at org.yaml.snakeyaml.scanner.ScannerImpl.fetchValue(ScannerImpl.java:871)
    18:32:14 [SEVERE] at org.yaml.snakeyaml.scanner.ScannerImpl.fetchMoreTokens(ScannerImpl.java:360)
    18:32:14 [SEVERE] at org.yaml.snakeyaml.scanner.ScannerImpl.checkToken(ScannerImpl.java:226)
    18:32:14 [SEVERE] at org.yaml.snakeyaml.parser.ParserImpl$ParseBlockMappingKey.produce(ParserImpl.java:558)
    18:32:14 [SEVERE] at org.yaml.snakeyaml.parser.ParserImpl.peekEvent(ParserImpl.java:158)
    18:32:14 [SEVERE] at org.yaml.snakeyaml.parser.ParserImpl.checkEvent(ParserImpl.java:143)
    18:32:14 [SEVERE] at org.yaml.snakeyaml.composer.Composer.composeMappingNode(Composer.java:226)
    18:32:14 [SEVERE] at org.yaml.snakeyaml.composer.Composer.composeNode(Composer.java:155)
    18:32:14 [SEVERE] at org.yaml.snakeyaml.composer.Composer.composeDocument(Composer.java:122)
    18:32:14 [SEVERE] at org.yaml.snakeyaml.composer.Composer.getSingleNode(Composer.java:105)
    18:32:14 [SEVERE] at org.yaml.snakeyaml.constructor.BaseConstructor.getSingleData(BaseConstructor.java:120)
    18:32:14 [SEVERE] at org.yaml.snakeyaml.Yaml.loadFromReader(Yaml.java:481)
    18:32:14 [SEVERE] at org.yaml.snakeyaml.Yaml.load(Yaml.java:412)
    18:32:14 [SEVERE] at net.md_5.bungee.conf.YamlConfig.load(YamlConfig.java:61)
    18:32:14 [SEVERE] at net.md_5.bungee.conf.Configuration.load(Configuration.java:59)
    18:32:14 [SEVERE] at net.md_5.bungee.BungeeCord.start(BungeeCord.java:248)
    18:32:14 [SEVERE] at net.md_5.bungee.BungeeCordLauncher.main(BungeeCordLauncher.java:54)
    18:32:14 [SEVERE] at net.md_5.bungee.Bootstrap.main(Bootstrap.java:15)

  2. There is something wrong in your config. Pastebin it and post it here.
  3. Put your IP's in...
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  4. How?
  5. At host: (Put your bungeecord IP here with port
    At address: (Put each spigot servers IP with port)
  6. You have put the online-mode and ip-forwarding on there twice remove the one under hub and keep the bottom one. Also you haven't put any spaces in front of the op prison like on the hub

  7. Wow, Thanks
  8. Post your new config please.
  9. Bishop look in comments I did
  10. he means your edited one, the one you used as you wrote