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  1. Hello, our server has been cycling through different chats for a while now and most of them have worked, just have really big issues. We have tried HeroChat (with bungeebridge), DeluxeChat, VentureChat, FreeBungeeChat, MultiChat and BungeeChat and all of them have some issue with nicknames or proxy errors or muting etc. Does anyone have any suggestions or is willing to make a plugin for us (we will pay) which has the following features:
    • Server wide Punishments - the plugin needs to work with muting, jailing and banning.
    • Working Placeholders - the plugin needs to have placeholders for formatting (%displayname%, %sender%, %server% etc.)
    • PermissionsEx Support - the plugin needs to work with PermissionsEx for prefixes, suffixes and ranks.
    • Nicknames - the plugin needs to have a nickname feature that works.
    • WorldGuard Support - would be preferable if it had worldguard support for flags such as send-chat.
    • Private Messaging cross server
    • SocialSpy - this one doesn't HAVE to be cross server but would be much better if it was.
    • 1.11.2 - this is an obvious must.
    I know this is alot of features, but feel free to reply back to this if you have a suggestion or PM me if you want to discuss making a plugin like this for us. Thankyou!
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  3. U can use DeluxeChat, its works whit BungeeCord chat
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  4. We already tried that, if you read my post.
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  5. Nehm Deluxe Chat als Plugin