Solved BungeeCord servers with same WorldEdit data

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  1. Hello there! Is it possible to have your WorldEdit data from server 2, imported to server 1, without going into the files? (Clipboard, schematics, etc.)

    I made something on server 2, I copied the building on my clipboard, go to server 1, and paste the building.

    Thanks to electronicboy for your help!
    "Sync your WorldEdit saves in 1 folder on your PC"
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  2. Hm as i know no, had been awesome if schematics was global instead of transfer each time
  3. It is possible, but don't it think that something like this already exists.
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    if they're on the same machine and you're not running on a shared host, just symlink the schematic folders? Wouldn't be stored in your clipboard, but then you'd avoid the horrors of a plugin having to hook into WE and potentially cause aggro when WE change something and the plugin you're using dies.
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  5. That is a great idea! But do you know how to do that? I've never done something like that.
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    I would suggest creating a folder somewhere, and moving all of your schematics there as needed, then it's just as simple as running something like this in your worldedit plugin folder: ln -s /path/to/your/shared/schematics ./schematics

    you might need to modify the config to allow for symbolic links, however; You could also most likely just specify the folder inside the config without having to play with symlinks
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  7. Okay, I have a basic knowledge of editing a config, and I found this:
    dir: schematics

    Do I have to replace "schematics" with "H:\BungeeCord Server\WorldEdit"?

    This is how I sorted all my maps (This is what you see is inside the BungeeCord Server folder):

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    That would most likely work, I'd be weary of spaces in filenames but shouldn't cause any issues with Java