BungeeCord set-up, just some polishing. General Questions.

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Discussion' started by beyonddead, May 1, 2015.

  1. Hey there,

    I just finished up configuring my BungeeCord server and everything is running smoothly. Now, I just need to add some features, hub plugins and general global settings. I had a few general questions which I'd like some insight on, and they may totally be noob questions. Thanks for your time.

    For plugins, is there anyway to have global plugins and their configurations on all servers? I.E - Anti-Cheat and Permissions.
    Or, do I just need to install the plugin on each server and have the same configuration there?

    To add on the first question, I'm a bit confused on Permissions. Is there a global permission system, that allows the same groups on all servers, BUT have 'per-world' permissions?
    What I mean by this is, Is there anyway to sync a users group to all servers. For example, if he's in group2 on server 1, he would be group2 on server 2. BUT, these two groups will have different permissions.

    What is the best Hub plugin?
    I'm currently looking into HubBasics, and Hub3. Hub3 is a premium resource but HubBasics seems to be a simplified version of it, and does what it needs to do.

    Thank you all for your time,