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Does BungeeCord work for you?

  1. YEAH!

  2. Aw man... No it doesn't...

  1. I can't get BungeeCord to work. So, I have 3 servers. One is the proxy server. I set it up all fine and the console just says stuff like this

    I made my two servers offline and I joined my hub server and used /server. Nothing came up! What can I do to fix this? By the way, I am using a server hosting site called ExodusHosting, not a VPS or dedicated server.
  2. You have plugins installed? If so, have you installed BungeeYAML?
  3. Your bungeecord config.yml is wrong. Please pastebin it
  4. Here is the link:

    It will redirect.
    I have covered some parts of the ip(s). Also, quick question. The host is the proxy server right?
  5. >_>...
    fallback_server: true

    May I say derp ? fallback_server is supposed to be the name of the fallback server. In your case, hub.
  6. Sorry, I'm very new at this... Please just post a pastebin of all I should write. For the IPs just replace them with *. Thanks! I have 4 servers and I don't want them to go to waste.
  7. Tried changing fallback_server: to your listed server?
  8. Just look at your config, and change fallback_server: true to fallback_server: hub
  9. Now it should work?
  10. yes...
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  11. Thank you! If you want to God rank, the ranks are coming soon. Just tell me your IGN and I will keep it in mind.