Bungeecord spamming

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Help' started by Partydragen, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. Hey, My bungeecord spamming

    Skipped 12 lines due to rate limit (30/s)

    and don't know why it happning i have runned bungeecord for many years and this is first time it happning and not sure why

    the lines number is different numbers
  2. electronicboy

    IRC Staff

    check your log file to see what is actually being spammed, as opposed to multicraft just skipping stuff from the output on its (upside down) console
  3. Well in log its spamming "InitialHandler has connected"
    its have spammed for very many hours now
  4. electronicboy

    IRC Staff

    That's normal, that message just means that somebody has connected to the server for some reason, e.g. server list ping, actual connection