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  1. So I'm having some issues while trying to setup voting on all my Bungeecord setups. I've already contacted my host but I think I'm getting some of those people who don't know what they are doing because they've directed me into trying up to 4 different voting rewards plugins: SuperbVote 0.4-BETA, GAListener 1.3.2, GAListener 1.3.1, and VoteRoulette v3.2.3 but they all come up with the same messages in the console whenever I try to send a test vote. The messages look like this:
    I've also tried switching the ports for all 3 servers 3 times just in case someone was already using those ports on the same machine but the same thing happens. I highly doubt it's just a coincidence.

    Anyways, maybe the Spigot community can help me because my host is recommended me to contact the author of the vote plugins because they are so sure that's the problem but something seems more fishy to me. I used VoteRoulette on a normal server setup (meaning without Bungeecord) before on just 1.11.2 so I'm more willing to believe something else is at fault here and not the voting rewards plugins.

    I get no messages in the consoles of my 2 servers that players will be receiving rewards on so the rewards plugins cannot even detect a vote which further tells me something else is wrong.

    My host says that ports must be between 8000-9000 (I use Bisect Hosting).

    Here are all my config files:

    Bungeecord: https://pastebin.com/ZLNkSX0q
    Lobby: https://pastebin.com/Q6TvEFtP
    Islands: https://pastebin.com/8qrhbLiP

    After trying 3 other voting rewards, I'm still on VoteRoulette. I left it at the default settings for now on both servers. I have it installed on my Lobby and Islands servers. https://pastebin.com/ruzmUMKk

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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  2. Bump - Still clueless as to why this is happening.
  3. ?
    BungeeMessage has nothing to do with voting.

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