Bungeecord Usage questions 2-4k players

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  1. Hello there,
    I'm wondering how much CPU usage and ram will be needed for just bungeecord to support 2-4k players, we plan on running it on a separate system than our servers itself. We have one system that's setup for DDOS protection and plan on running our BC on it and have it send players onto our E3-1270's.

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    Oh boy, All i can state is how much CPU bungeecord can use with ~1200 people. Here's an example from another thread "http://i.imgur.com/hNS9k47.jpg". That is one bungeecord instance and as you see, BungeeCord is blithering resource heavy. That's a Dual Intel E5-2620 BTW. Some of the best processors out there so i can't imagine much better.
  3. In that setup you have there you're running the servers on the same box itself it looks like. I was under the impression that Bungeecord itself never used a huge amount of resources that it just filtered the traffic to the other servers.

    If that's not the case we could just GRE tunnel our traffic from our ddos protected IP and have it go to a E3-1270 system for the bungeecord.
    If someone else has some advice for this type of setup that would be great to hear more, I've only setup a few 3-500 slot setups like this.
    We have a few E3-1270v2/3 systems which will be used for this setup.
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    In the image i showed ya, the BungeeCord CPU usage was around ~1800 percent which is basically 18 cores maxed out. Now that probably could be cut down and BungeeCord scales CPU so it isn't actually uses that much. However i would recommend you have the BungeeCord on a different setup so it doesn't cause any problems to any of your other servers just encase BungeeCord does become a resource hog.

    Also i think you got this down already, however try to keep your BungeeCord always on the DDos-Protected ip as the backend servers are usually not exposed so all you need to worry about is just the Front-End (Bungee) ip being protected. I'm not the best person to give advice for the setup your asking for so i recommend trying to get someone else who has more experience on that.
  5. Thanks, the main part I was worried about is our ddos protection server is not a E3-12xx so I don't want to have it overloaded, I'd rather GRE tunnel the IP for the ddos protection to our bungee setup on a better system.