Bungeecord using 20GB RAM?!

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  1. Hello Community,

    I'm running a Minecraft Server on a Root Server, with constant ~300 Players online.

    I also have a Bungeecord Network, because on my Server are a lobby, and 2 Freebuild server.

    On the BungeeCord website it says for 500 Players Bungeecord uses ~500 MB RAM, but on my Server it uses 20 GB RAM... No Plugin uses Bungee... Does anyone else have the problem, or fixed it already?

    Hope you can help me,

  2. If you assing so much Ram, it probably uses it all before running the garbage collector. Try assigning 512 mb.
  3. I will try, thank you.
  4. If I assign 512 MB, it crashes. The same with 1 GB. I tried with 8 GB and its lagging. Then I assigned 10GB and it uses 11. But with 10 it's not lagging. But I don't want to spend 11GB RAM to the Bungee...
  5. Tux


    Please tell us what plugins you use
  6. On the Bungee nothing

    On the server: Lobby System, NoCheatPlus, freebuild system
  7. How are you launching bungee?
  8. What command? Are you assigning any garbage collectors?
  9. I run my script, ./start.sh

    I don't know how to assign a garbage collector, so I think i didn't assigned one, or is it automaticaly on?

    EDIT: How can i check if a garbage collector is activated?
  10. What is the contents of your start.sh? This is what I've been asking since the start.
  11. Sorry

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  12. Never set Xms, add " -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC " before -jar.
  13. Did it work?
  14. Sorry I completely forgot about this Thread... No it didn't :(

  15. I just cannot imagine what would cause this... Are you running other servers on the same node? Are you using any control panels? (I know you have a start script, but some panels use start scripts :p )