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  1. So, after the whole thing about installing Spigot on VPS. I have decided to spend the last of my cash on another VPS. I'm going to be running a hella small network

    I have spigot installed on the new VPS and want to see if run Bungee and current server on the VPS. I don't think that is possible.
  2. Umm it will run, Just run it in a new screen then run bungee on *:25565 then setup the spigot server on another port nad then config bungee. See the docs for more.
  3. Kk.

    Edit: http://gyazo.com/4d550ea71a575ba84acda383bf1b6273

    Edit 2.0: It says Permission Denied.
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  4. You need to chmod it so it will run

    chmod u+x start.sh

    And to run it just do ./start