BungeeCord vs AssetCraft

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Discussion' started by MCShamrock, May 28, 2013.

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  1. Hi there.
    I've currently seen something about assetgateways assetcraft.
    So which one is better for how many players?
    And where are the posetive and negative aspects?
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    Never mind, just read the description.
  3. depends on how much time and money you have.
  4. Let's say that money is not important.
    What is better for which needs?
  5. BungeeCord will probably be the better in my opinion. The API is much more extensive. No experience with AssetCraft. We have some 200 people on, and Bungee is using ~70% Processor. I am still not sure how to do multiple BungeeCord instances. Halp? :>
  6. BungeeCord by far. I would consider AssetGateway a rather shady company from hearing about what others have to say about them. They're basically giving you something exactly like BungeeCord, but for a price.
    • Full control over everything.
    • Open-source, so you know it doesn't contain malicious/backdoored code.
    • Bigger/better community.
    • Quite a few plugins to choose from that were specifically made for it.
    • An API you can use to develop plugins for.
  7. The asset staff member that i talked to told me that bungee doesn't work fine for more than 1000 players. Is that true?
  8. First of all.
    Do you have even close to 1000 players? So would that be a problem for you?

    Secondly, it's BS. There are several servers with a lot more than 1000 users who use Bungee.
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  9. Obviously they're going to tell you things that would make you buy their product.
    It doesn't work fine for more than 1000 players?
    Is the ShotBow network powered by AssetGateway? No, it uses multiple BungeeCord instances.
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  11. Of course I know that they probably didn't tell me very realistic things.

    But Hive and ShotBow both are using BunggeeCord. But do they only have one proxy server or do they have several bungee servers running?
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    just thought id put this here

  13. What do you mean?
    Do you mean they ddos your server?
  14. So I shouldn't use asset should I?
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    You can do anything you desire
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    You should use some common sense.
  17. Sow do Hive and ShotBow use only one proxy server or several?
  19. So they run several proxy servers?
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  20. I mean how can they run several proxies on one port?
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