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  1. Hi, first of all, Thanks for the great tools you've developed spigot changed my life :)

    I run a non commercial small server and alternate 2 maps every each other days. My players love the parkour map and the pvp map. To get them the possibility to play the map they want at any time I've been looking to create a multiverse server running 2 world (PVP + Parkour) instead of alternate maps, but now I've started to look at bungeecord instead as an other possibility, the think to have 2 server seen great to me. My question will the performance be realy affect by running 2 server + bgcord instead of multiverse?

    My setup
    Mac mini core i5 2,3 (OSX ML Server)
    16gb Ram
    256GB SSD + 1TB HD
    50mb downlink/ 25 uplink
    Latest Spigot build, ess, wg, we, am, battle arena, mob arena, restart evo, pail, vanish, grief log, no cheat+, vault, lockette, group manager
  2. With that much ram you might as well just use Multiverse. I have one server with about the same specs and run 6 worlds with ~50 plugins.
  3. That was my first thought as well. But in fact I just not only switch map, I switch between 2 server with different config and settings. The parkour with less plugin and no block to break but still interaction the second more customized with region and different games. Bgcord seem to add more flexibility, what do u think?
  4. Use a permission system that supports multi-worlds. GroupManager, PEX, and bPermissions should be able to do this fine.

    Unless you have the same plugin but with different settings. If you use Worldguard, it has per-world settings for a lot of stuff that Essentials does too broadly.
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    BungeeCord will help in 'multithreading' Minecraft to utilize all cores more effectively by making each server use a different core. If you are struggling with tps, splitting the servers in half with Bungee will surely help.
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