Bungeecord/Waterfall network_compression_threshold?

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by PirateCraft, May 19, 2017.

  1. I have some players over seas that have terrible connections to my server, but they are fine on other servers.
    I have been reading up that I should have all my servers connected to bungee to have their network_compression_threshold to -1, to disable it as its all connecting to the bungee, but bungee/waterfall itself has a network_compression_threshold: 256.
    I don't understand if I should increase it or decrease the number to make the connection better for people over seas?
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  2. Gaxan


    If people are having issues from overseas 64 would be an ideal number on bungee. This will work the processor more but help with lag for people with poor latency.
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  3. electronicboy

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    The idea is that you disable compression on the servers themselves as you're just wasting CPU cycles compressing and decompressing data, over a network with low latency you spend more time compressing the data and decompessing it to send it, that if you just sent it.
    on the external network, it really depends, latency is going to be your biggest killer, compression can help, but if you have 200ms RTT (Round trip time) to players, you have 200ms RTT to players.
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  4. I ended up changing it to 64 as I do have a dedicated box with 4 cores, And it made an improvement instantly for myself, so that alone is a bonus. Quicker log in, quicker TP and warps, so it does work.
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