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    They will automatically. They always do. They won't stop any time soon, don't worry. And if they do - It's Open Source, you can add it yourself.
  2. I have installed bungeecord and I am having a significant problem. I am currently using LuckPerms on the Network (setup using a mySQL database) I have also correctly configured bungeecord. However now I setup LuckPerms the only way to permit a user to move servers is to give them the permission node * ? Does anyone know what this is about?
  3. Since you can give players '*' I assume the permissions system is working, so have you tried adding "bungeecord.command.server"?
  4. I have just added another server to the network called 'creative' it is appearing unless /server - (e.g. in the list) but when you do /server creative it sends to you to the hub?
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  5. That can happen if you are using incompatible versions, like if you try and connect to "creative" with 1.15.2 but it runs 1.14.4 without ViaVersion or vice versa. So just make sure you are running the correct versions. And also make sure you didn't accidentally set your creative server port to the hub server port.
  6. Hello,
    i dont really understand this, but my /server command is not working anymore. In Bungeecord i am defined as member of admin Group. We have a Server which bungeecord connects players to directly, there is no world for bungeecord server. however, my advancedportal from server a works to server b and vice versa, its just that /server wont work anymore, unknown command. when i am in server a, where bungeecord connects me to directly, i can issue /bungee command to see a version. so bungeecord somewhat filters or whatever my commands i guess ?
    also, i use luckperms, and another plugin named powerranks, i disabled powerranks from the server a and restarted , but /server still is unknown. So right now i am unable to connect to my brand new server c and got no clue
  7. Is there any way to remove all bungee messages except the kicks?
  8. Thank you for these links! They helped me so much.!