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  1. Hi guys, i think i'll use bungee but I have some questions:
    1. I have a 250 slots server now. I want to have 2 ,one with 200 and one with 96(4sg arenas). Would it be possible to host them on the same 16Gb server and be less laggy then before?
    2. Does bungee require just 256 mb of ram with 500 players?
    3. Is bungee very CPU intensive?
  2. My bungee runs out of ram at 300 online, and its running on 3.5 GIGS....(no plugins)
  3. You're doing it wrong then.
  4. <joke>Yes clearly I did it wrong, as no players can join my servers....</joke>
  5. Any non-stupid answers?
  6. 1. I always stick to the rule to allocate 100MB RAM/player, but that's me and I may very well be wrong.
    2. Yes.

    No idea about #3, sorry.
  7. Ash


    WHAT? you hit 300 ONLINE players at any given time for a stolen website design and a banner.
    what the hell is going on in the world now -.-
  8. The website isnt stolen. It's a template.
  9. Ash


    But he stole the idea to find and or create that template to look like it.
    I bet if MCpvp did not start it he would have not, i saw his post when he first showed it lol
  10. No, he did steal it. He even was hotlinking the CSS and JS at one point from http://www.minecraftpvp.com/

    Not that is is any proof of course but I tweeted at minecraft_pvp and they acknowledged that they were hotlinking etc. In response they added some JS to one of the hotlinked scripts to redirect back to their site if it wasn't already there.

    Understandable it was a template, but I doubt PvPSmash ever paid for it after stealing it.

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