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  1. Hi,

    I Was recently told that i should only have 30-40 people on 1 bungee server? Is this ture?

    I personally am starting to believe this because a lot of my players get a ton of "tp lag" when there are 50-90 players on the network, On average 21,000 chunks are loaded at one time across the network when there are 50-90 players online

    I Have 2 Servers,

    Towny (No world border)
    Factions (World border, 15k)

    Here are my sepcs on my dedciated server :>

    SSD 512GB | http://goo.gl/ySW2Um
    i7-4790K CPU | http://goo.gl/1E70qI
    This mobo: http://goo.gl/erXcsh
    ram: http://goo.gl/GzDhYW (32GB Of ram)

    Here is how the ram is split up on my servers:

    15GB - Towny
    1GB - Hub
    6GB - Factions
    6GB - Bungee
  2. You will probably be able to host anywhere from 150 - 400 players depending on your server plugin's & optimization.

    A timings report would be useful if you want us to state the source of any lag.

    In general you could:
    • Reduce view distance
    • Reduce the amount of entities (especially those with AI)
    • Reduce max tick time for tiles & entities in spigot.yml
    • Reduce entity activation range
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