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  1. So.. i got a dedicated server with 8 gb ram, 500 gb ssd space and i just got multicraft set it up by the host.

    Ive got this server for 3 months for free by the host, still unbelievable..

    I got no experience setting up BungeeCord..

    I have the server for 3 months and i might actually keep it.

    The host charges 30$ for it.. AND I GOTTA SAY.. THATS CHEAP.

    The server is all good, ive set up a server with 4 gb ram on the multicraft panel, im not used to be admin there so it went to **** the first times i tried..

    But it all went on with the help from the host.

    So now im stuck dont knowing how to set up Bungee.

    I want to make something like this:

    > Portal to Survival World -
    > Portal to MiniGame World

    MiniGames is already been set up / the guys knows what to do in-game etc.. (Team)

    Anyone know how to set it up, ive seen some Tut's and video's, but as im in-experienced it didnt make much sense to me.

    Specs / Server type:
    500 GB
    SSD HD
    Good connection speed.


    - Multi

    This is pretty much it for now, more information will be added if necesary.
  2. Tux


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  3. If you need any extra help, PM me! :)
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  4. NO! Do not use mutlicraft.
  5. @MultiGamerclub I don't think you should take advice from some one working for OwnageHosting! to me they have a shitty server setup program took me 5days to try to get them to activate an dedicated ip and while looking at there server list i seen 2 server with the dedicated ip that i PURCHASED for 2$ so i did a refund.. Stay with multicraft if that is what you like!
  6. Sorry for just coming in and saying that. I work at Ownage because it is a job, not because I enjoy it or like it, it is for the learning experience and the job itself. I have a 16GB for OVH and I just use screens. It works great and now that I use it I find that it works fantastic!
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  7. That's a secret, but what i can tell is.. Their awesome and i will have to put them in my signature.. because their owner is way too nice.
  8. Ive had multicraft my entire life, so im not changing, i will use it as long as i live <3

    I love it.

    Complaining at others shouldnt really go out on the public, you get a bad name for yourself, even if it is bad, i havent heard of that company and im tired of cheap companies, i might even pay 30$ for a 3 gb ram server, and might set u pmy own home when the time comes.

    Ive run servers for 4 years, cheap companies / reliable hosts have been cool most of the times.

    Cheap hosts are there for a reason: To be cheap and earn money eventually with growing customers + Easier for new people like i once was :)

    But thanks for the advice, ill look them up and rate them here when im back ;)

    How much do u pay for a server like that? That gotta be way to much.
  9. I have a job. I can support my dreams. :D
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  10. Yeah screens is fine.But you have to know what you doing :p . Multicraft is also good and in some was easyer.I have a 32 GB server by sys.
  11. I have a server with 32 GB ram. It costs £30 + £5 (VAT) a month.
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  12. 35 GPB = 430 KR ~ That's VERY MUCH o_O

    I only got 4-6 Gb ram server with MineOS.
    + a very small forum.