Bungee - Spigot Bungeefier 1.0

Votifier, for BungeeCord. No dependencies.

  1. *This project is no long active. I am no longer supporting updates and questions.*

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    Bungeefier (version 1.0) - Votifier, for BungeeCord. No dependencies.

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  2. IMO you should have a default listener, it would make it loads more useful for noobs.
  3. I don't want to flood resources with minor plugins. I was going to keep this private, but I decided that Bungee could use an external API and Events. (And people have been requesting the crap out of it.) So yeah.
  4. Thanks for releasing, ill check it out tomorrow :D
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  5. What ip goes here? the proxy server ip?
  6. Same IP you would put in your Bukkit Votifier config.
  7. CustomForms

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    Very useful plugin, you can create nice listeners that relay announcements and checkpoints across all of the severs!
  8. PhanaticD


    someone convert all listeners now :p
  9. xD.
  10. PhanaticD


    get behind 7 proxies
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  11. Too much work. I mean, my friend made proxy site, I didn't feel like using it. xD
  12. i think i am stupid :D
  13. wut?
  14. hcherndon Please please please please PLEASE change
    BungeeCord.getInstance().getPlayer(v.getUsername()).sendMessage("blah"); in your sample listener to ProxyServer.getInstance()... Compiling against bungeecord instead of the API is a taboo !
  15. Done. :p
  16. Has anyone made a listener yet?

    What I think would be best is if the proxy sent the vote message to all of the servers and the listeners on each server would reward the player on the server they were on(and get the reward that was set for that server).
  17. Wooot Hchderpp! Our Derpy dev :p
  18. Hello,
    I am trying to create a listener for this.
    Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to make a command like /give to get run by the server that the player is on.
    Of course, I am a complete noob at programming, so I need help.
    Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks in advance.