Bungee - Proxy BungeeJoinMessages 1.4.2

Customizable Server Join, Leave, and Switch messages for your Bungee Network!

  1. No problem, I've simply disabled join messages for now so take your time.
  2. @Magz Please try the latest version, it should fix the error. Sorry I'm using you as a guinea pig - I can't replicate the error.
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  3. Good Work here ! Thank you.

    Can i suggest you to add a features ?
    - When a player try to join a server, the join message is here without any problem. But if the player is kicked from the server for any reason when he try to connect (white list, reconnection time protection..) a quit message is here too. In this way, i have a lot of spamming join/quit messages...
    Can you try to add a time before join message appears ? And if in this time the player is kick for any reason, the join and quit messages are cancel ?

    Just a suggestion to you. Thanks again for your work :)
  4. Amazing plugin in the first place.
    Is it however possible to have it say "User joined network on the lobby server"
    With "lobby" being a variable.
    Also possible option to add a variable that will show the player's nickname? Including the formatting?

    Amazing! Thanks for the amazing work
  5. It should be, just use the %to% variable in the join message.
    This is possible but unstable, and it would only work if they've joined before because it is a BungeeCord plugin, not a Bukkit plugin so the two servers would have to communicate the nickname.
  6. Thanks for the fast response!
    I did try this, but I didn't get it to work sadly...
    Ah that does make sense. I'm no coder so I don't know how difficult stuff like this is but I know for example bungeetablistplus can do it too.
    They do however use a Bungee-Bukkit bridge.

    Thanks anyways!
  7. I think I will end up eventually making there be a bridge because I've also had a request for placeholder API support
  8. This plugin is great. Just what I needed. The only issue is that when a player joins a server the join server message will sometime appear several times.
  9. Can you put an option to disable the first-login? For some reason if I restart the server some players are always "new".
  10. Do the prefixes of a player appear on the join messages? And if not, would it be possible to do so?
  11. @RFSMassacre


    EDIT: It is not currently possible to do, but will be added soon.

  12. Just set the new join message to the same as the normal one.

    Are you sure it is after restart? This plugin can't tell if they've played before the plugin was installed, so some players may appear to show up as new.

    This will probably be fixed when I add the bukkit bridge, then I can check from bukkit and improve accuracy.
  13. Hi there, iso2013!
    I am really sorry to bother you with this but how can i disable the default join and leave messages?
    I think somehow i missed something and just cant seem to find it xD.
    thanks .
  14. No problem!

    To disable the default Spigot/Bukkit messages, install the plugin on all Bukkit servers as well as on the Bungee servers.

    Thanks for using my plugin! If you like it, please leave a review.
  15. I use local server join messages but want a network message to be sent when a brand new player joins. Is there a way to disable the regular join and leave messages?

    If i set messages to false it will turn off first join messages as well. Maybe have a different true/false for each message etc.
  16. Hi!
    Your plugin is awesome! Would you consider hooking up to PlaceHolderAPI or add more tags? That would be a great addition to your plugin :)

    Personally, I think it would be great to have a number variable on how many players are online on the server. For example: "[15] DukeVindzor joined the server!" and "[14] DukeVindzor left the server"
    15 and 14 indicating how many players will be online.
  17. Hi! When switching servers, the message only appears for other players. is it possible to show the messages for the player who switches as well?

    Also, like others pointed out, some more placeholders/variables would be nice. Like the name of the server they're leaving/loining
  18. When a player is banned & trys to connect it shows instant join/leave msgs, they are able to spam chat with this. can you please fix ASAP. otherwise great plugin <3 much love.
  19. Sorry if someone has already asked this and there has already been an answer, but is there any way to still have the join messages without say the leave messages? or have the server switched leave messages without the server switched join messages?
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