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  1. Hello,

    I've been thinking all week and I have come to the conclusion to change all my minigames Multiarena (Many games on the same server) BungeeMode, which will improve performance on the server.

    But I realized that spends more CPU / RAM have many servers / 1 server starting for many maps.

    I think it may be by the Spigot which brings many things you have to load the server that do not use.

    Is there any Spigot modified for these cases?
  2. It's better running 1 arena-per-server. Then having like 50 maps loaded for like 50 arenas... But although bungeemode games can use alot of ram for example

    1.5GB /per arena

    So for 50 arenas you would need like 75GB ram but again those arenas themself won't lag since there is only 2 words loaded.. The waiting lobby (if your planing on having one) and the arena map itself.

    It also depends on the hardware itself. :p
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  3. Improved performance to every server
    first of all your computer is able to handle 50+ server if you separate all of the arena and games
    I attempted to do that but failed, coz it needs a lot of resources
    so i considered to switch my plan to per arena a server to per game a server