Bungee - Proxy BungeeMSG v2.2.0

Configurable Private Messages for all servers on a BungeeCord Proxy!

  1. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
  2. I will continue development/support for BungeeMSG soon, but yes, it is (/will be) back.
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  3. That's probably because it hasn't been updated in two years. Disable the log feature for now.
  4. Will this resource be updated? FadiDev?
  5. @FadiDev When will we be getting an update?
  6. Although I cannot confirm when, I will confirm that there will be an update soon. When I do pick up the project again I'll inform you all.
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  7. My friend, @playwarrior and I started BungeeMSG development today. As soon as we have an ETA we'll inform you guys.;)
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  8. let the plugin support the external permission plugin plz, providing us api or sth is also ok
  9. It has an api..
  10. but its api cannot help me anything
  11. Is there a source for this plugin, if not, can I decompile it and modify for my own server?
  12. The project is an opensource project on GitHub. Once we finish the new update (I definitely recommend waiting for that) you are welcome to modify the source for your own purposes, so long as you don't claim to have made the resource yourself.
    I believe you are asking this because the plugin doesn't have certain features you would like it to have, in that case, you are always more than welcome to suggest it to us!
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  13. Okay great! I only plan to use it on my own server
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  14. Hey I had a quick question. I was wondering if there is anyway to completely disable the tabbing of usernames once you do /msg?
  15. Hope that it can support Waterfall in the next update.
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  16. No it isn't. But we'll add that option in the update.
    I'll look into that.
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