Bungee - Proxy BungeeOnlineTime 7.0

A very simple plugin which logs a players onlinetime.

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    top 10 looks a little upside down
    is this a config issue or is it on the plugin side?
  2. Ah that's because the list is sorted before the current onlinetime is added. Gonna fix that in the next update, thanks.
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  3. Does this work alongside the spigot version? (use same database/etc) to allow sending the player rewards like ranks/etc.?
    (https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/onlinetime.24998/) atm it looks like this plugin only stores the time but doesn't have the functions of onlinetime spigot so figured I'd ask.

    as for the inability to send commands to spigot servers; there is a plugin called commandsync which does this.
  4. Please make a plugin like this but so you can use it on spigot servers, not only bungee proxys, that would be very useful.
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  5. The Placeholders are not working with PlaceholderAPI at Spigot 1.8.8
  6. Can you add a placerholderapi placeholder for the player with the most playtime?
  7. make a video how to config ! didnt track online time !
  8. i must type end in bungee to save data to mysql wtf ?
  9. Dose it work on waterfall and 1.15.1? Can't get it to work and no errors...just that the command is unknown
  10. joshwenke

    Wiki Team

    Hi everyone, my server developers have updated this plugin to work with the latest Minecraft 1.16 and Java 11. We tested mySQL support and it works. Please let me know if you find any bugs. Enjoy!

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