BungeePerms/MySQL Setup

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  1. Hello,

    I'm new to the Spigot Community, I have recently started a new server and have realised the need for multiple servers, I have sucsessfully linked them all together Via BungeeCord however we have run into our first major problem. Permissions, So far I have next to no expereince with MySQL and it seems that using MySQL is one of the only ways to setup Cross-Server permissions. If I could continue using PEX or GroupManager but Cross-Server I would love it as It would make my Job a whole lot easyer.

    If someone could refer me to a good Newb-Freindly Video or Instructional website to help me like everything up or even if you want to drop your skype name below and if you could help me out Via skype.

    I am also running this Via a hositng company so I am using PHPMyAdmin online.

    Any Questions are Welcome,
  2. It's more easy to manuly setup the permissions
  3. I think that wasn't the question.

    You can use PEX with MySQL integration... I don't know, how PEX is saving the data in a database, but with a little experience, I'm sure you can easily manage that. I'm using BungeePerms, it has a tricky configuration, but when it works, it works fine.

    Edit: BungeePerms can list the permissions in-game, I can imagine that Pex can list it too.