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  1. Hello,
    since a few days I´m using BungeePerms and now I´m having trouble with it.
    First this is my config.yml file from BungeePerms in the Proxy/plugins folder (config.yml) and this is the config.yml file from BungeePerms in the Lobby/plugins folder (config.yml).
    When I start my Bungee (Proxy) and my Spigot (Lobby) Server know, the first error comes, when I join to the Server (Lobby). In the log from Lobby comes the warn
    but on my Proxy (BungeeCord) comes no warn, it only says:
    The next Problem is, when i type in "bp users" (in the Console of Proxy or Lobby) it says
    At least I have one question about the config.yml of BungeePerms: What does the option "useregexperms: false" mean and how can i fix those problems (I think it has anything with the option "useuuid: true" to do.

    Hope you can help me! Thanks SO much!
  2. UUIDs on Bungeecord and Bukkit/Spigot differ.

    Bungeecord config.yml: ipforward: true
    Lobby spigot.yml: bungeecord:true
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  3. Now there ist now error with the UUID differ anymore, but the other Problems are still there. You know help for that, too?
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    This should be set to true.
    What is you problem now? We need your spigot, BungeeCord and BungeePerms config to help you.