Universal BungeePerms 4.0 #109

a permissions plugin for BungeeCord/Velocity and Paper/Spigot

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    BungeePerms (version 1.0.0) - a permissions plugin for BungeeCord

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  2. Does this hook with the Bungee .hasPermssion(), or do developers have to hook in to this?
  3. it does
    it hooks into the PermissionCheckEvent and overrides the BungeeCord permissions system

    tested with BungeeCord commands
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  4. Ya stole my idea ! :p. Will you be adding support for linking bukkit and bungeecord permissions, as per my Perms++ idea ? Also, will you be pushing your source on github ? You have an empty repository >_<.
  5. I didn't want to steal you idea. I just wrote a permissions plugin for BungeeCord which is similar to PEX to use it on our server. And I want to provide a plugin for those who haven't got any opportunities to write their own.
    No, I will not support linking.
    I'm going to push the source on github, but I have difficulties commiting the source (never used it before; there was no need)
    And I know it's empty due to the difficulties.
  6. Haha, I was kidding. I'm not mad, actually I'm quiet glad someone gave it a go before I did.
    OK. If you need help, you can ask me, maybe I can help ^^'.
  7. Finally solved my Gihub issue and hope it would work properly in the future.

    You can find the source here.
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  8. Favorlock


    You should consider depending on BungeeYAML which could replace a majority of the config files you have and could also be used by many other plugins. SuperEasyConfig makes the configs a breeze.
  9. CustomForms

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    Highly suggest keeping your plugin independent and not dependent on BungeeYAML. No offense to the author, but I dislike when you need to worry about dependencies. Both when you're developing or using a plugin.
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  10. I'm totally offended :O. I'm writing an autodownloader for BungeeYAML, which should fix the many issues people have with dependencies (e.g. : worrying that stupid users that can't read will post error logs).
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  11. Favorlock: I knew that you've written a yaml plugin for bungee ... i believe you've copied the source of the bukkit configuration too (simple way!); currently the classes in my config do their job and work fine; also in the other bungee cord plugins I wrote ... they're many ... but only for my server :p (bungee tp, chat, portal, ticket, warnings,warps, whitelist, pluginloader (for dependencies), tracking plungins (tps, memory, ...) console logger, currently working on bungee inventory plugin, etc. )
    think it's better to do be independet; no offence to you as nhadobas said

    nhadobas: I appreciate your suggestion; didn't want to change my config anyway
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  12. I'm the guy who made BungeeYAML. And yes, I copied the source of the bukkit config API and another configuration library, and made them bungeecord-compatible. Reason why is because bukkit configuration API is really good, and it's not the simple way at all, it's the clever way : Don't duplicate efforts, it's useless. I'm currently working on making BungeeCord-specific objects easily serializable to configurations, so it's not like I don't do any work either.
  13. sry didn't want to blame you

    by the way the image in your signature is broken
  14. This is so pointless IMO. md_5 will just end up putting it into spigot just because of this fight.
  15. What fight ? I don't see any fight. I just stated a point.

    Besides, I'm pretty sure md_5 will have some other things to change to BungeeCord before changing perms. Like finishing the (real) BungeeCord Config API... and I'm cool with that, point of bungeeYAML was to make it easier for the time being to use configurations, for me first, and optionally for others. How about we stop the off-topic though ?

  16. Just seems you came off a slight bit hostile on defending your dependency. nhadobas was stating that a dependency just adds one more thing for server maintenance to have to check. Nothing against it, most plugins, (Bukkit side), have dependencies on Vault, ProtocolLib, TagAPI, etc. But if wea_ondara is content with his config code, then so be it.

    md_5 feel free to clean up the unneeded, and slightly off topic, conversing when all such has been read.
  17. Favorlock


    And including every single core class for configurations in a plugin means redundant code, which is honestly a waste of resources regardless how little they may be.