Universal BungeePerms 4.0 #128

a permissions plugin for BungeeCord/Velocity and Paper/Spigot

  1. Woops late reply, still doesn't work though. I don't need this within a few days anymore so no rush, however I'd like to see what's wrong and if I'd be able to use this in the future.
  2. Hmm... not sure what to say then. If I was able to sit down with you and look at it, I may find it, but I don't have time. PM me a couple pastebins and I can double check them, and/or try to make a fixed copy.
  3. How do I do BungeeCord permissions and bukkit permissions at the same time? Is there a special command?
  4. If you add a permission without specifying a server, then it works for all your servers, bungeecord and bukkit/spigot. If you want it for only a specific server, than you can specify by adding the server name after the node (/bp group {g} add {perm} vs. /bp group {g} add {perm} {server}). Server name to use are in the bungeepermsbukkit plugin config on that server.
  5. Is there anything I am supposed to do once I connect the mysql and the "plugin"? And how do I know if it working?
  6. Make sure the backend is set to mysql in addition to the info being there. then check the database (with something like phpmyadmin), if there's a bungeeperms table in there with columns, it;s working. Also, there's no reason to put plugin in quotes...
  7. It seems like this plugin isn't detecting default permissions like with mcMMO .
  8. i'm sorry, just read all the posts; somehow i don't recieve email notifications ... but i hope i fixed it by unwatch and re-watch the thread
    please appologise for not replying from my side
  9. @DanSpedey: your indention is wrong; 2nd line has 4 spaces and 3rd has 3; also ensure that there aren't any tabs in the config
  10. @99lool: bungeeperms currently doesn't support the superperms concept but it's on the todo list on github
  11. I can't seem to get negated permissions to work with BP. I have "-mchat,prefix.founder" typed like that in the owner group but I also have '*' in there as well.
  12. if * is before -mchat,prefix.founder then it will work
    to remove the perm ingame do it with '/bp group <group> remove <permission>'
    this will automatically add the '-' in front of the permission
    so you just type the permission without minus at the beginning
  13. when will you add uuid support ;) ?
  14. sure, that's the next thing i'll implement
  15. Can I give myself * I am a dev/owner for a server not ready to open to the publicist and I wish to use this plugin.
  16. How would I do that in the config