Bungee - Proxy BungeePM [Discontinued] 1.0 / 1.2

Ever wanted to PM your friend on a different server? Well now you can!

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    BungeePM - Ever wanted to PM your friend on a different server? Well now you can!

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  2. when player offline what do system ?
  3. If a player is offline for example MagicalBean it will show this message
    I may change the message in future updates
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  4. Can you put the SRC pleas to change the mesagges to spanish and custom prefixes ? @Cooljkb
  5. I'm currently working on customization prefixes for the next update.
    What do you mean by 'SRC' (I'm a noob)

    EDIT: wait 'SRC' means source code, sorry I had a moment :)
  6. Yes :p
  7. I'm working on a source code now I'll message you once its available
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  8. works great but it allows you to message yourself, would it be possible to give some sort of error message when they message them selves, I know it doesn't really matter to most it is just a minor irritation they shouldn't even be messaging themselves but still..
  9. They might be bored so they decide to message themselves but if you want I'll disable it :)
  10. Hello Cooljkb,

    Looking at the plugin page, the only ways to message is /msg and /pm.
    I have some suggestions for this plugin to be perfect!

    Thoes suggestions are:
    • Allow the addition commands, that are = to /msg, be configurable in the plugin config.
    • Make a /r /respond command.
    Less important suggestions, but VERY helpful and convenient:
    • Add socialspy. (seeing others PMs for msg monitoring for admins with the perm)
    • Add /pmignore <player> (so players can mute annoying players)
    • Add a swear filter.
    • Add an ad filter (Server owners HATE advertisers).
    • Add a spam filter.
    • Remove the need to type the entire name, so to message Dinnernone, you would only need to do /msg dinn
    Sorry if I am asking for a little much... The players on my server use /msg ALL OF THE TIME! Many of those players abuse it (spam or advertisements to steal players from my server), so I hope you can implement these suggestions soon!

    Thank you,
    From lizardfreak321
  11. Hello, plugin create PogoStick29.
    Cooljkb is copyright!