Bungee - Spigot BungeePortals 1.2

Create portals of any material, shape and size in conjunction with WorldEdit!

  1. hey, awesome plugin but i would like to see this " like /bportals create <Servername> <World> or alternatly /bportals create Servername, x,y,z, world . Would u realize that .." too! it is kind of wierd that you spawn in the portal when yo get back in the world :p
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  2. this is not possible without a bridge
  3. Fair enough. But at least then make it that you can toggle World spawn for that portal.
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  4. yep
    one problem, my server has a world named not "world"
    when I go from other server to this server, it automatically generate a world called "world" and spawn me there,
    even I use bungeesuite spawn to set the world/server spawn..
    the same thing happened
  5. You should add a command to customize the portal material.
    Basically what this would do is it would fill the portal area with the material you have selected.
    Suggested Material List:
    • Portal
    • End_Portal
    • Water
    • Lava
  6. Is there a way I can fill the portal space with nether_portal blocks.
  7. Inactive for more than a year like some other bungee plugin, anyway : there is no wawy to tp people somewhere in the new server, at least at de default world spawn point. First timeportal is fine, but aferwards people appear back in the server at their last location : if you have a teleport room in the new server at arrival they have to find out how to get back there or use a warp
  8. Will this plugin be ported to Sponge?
  9. Is this still the main portal linking plugin people use for bungee or is there a newer one?
  10. Every time I close the bungeecord server to add plugins or anyting else, all portals reoved and I need to recreate them, any idea about this bug please? I use the latest Spigot version compatible with 1.7.9.

    Please anwser me as soon as possible, because with this bug, I can't open my dedicate server....
  11. For now, I would suggest to make a backup of your bungee portal folder before you stop your bungeecord server.
  12. One year without update and works very well!
  13. Why not update it to fix this bug??
  14. Because the author is inactive.
  15. Ip and port
  16. TheOnlyRealTGS


    Portals disappear from time to time.
  17. @YoFuzzy3, whenever I do /bportals select water, it says 0 blocks selected, 266 filtered, and doesent select the blocks
  18. You need to use the item ID of water.
  19. Anyone can take this plugin and make updates?? It can be very useful ;)

    Thank you, it was very inactive for lot of years, but it is the best bungee protals in the world I think.

    If anyone have better plugin for bungeeportals, do not hesitate to give me the name and link, thanks ;)
  20. I'm using this fine... is anyone having issues with this that I should know of? Should I remove this plugin?