Bungee - Spigot BungeePortals 1.2

Create portals of any material, shape and size in conjunction with WorldEdit!

  1. I have a suggestion. Could there please be a way to set the coordinates after entering the portal or an option to use different portals from one server, to a different location to another portal on another server.
    Its almost like Multiverse-Portals, but you, of course, teleport to servers, instead of worlds.

    To clarify, here is an example: (I am not a coder, so just bear with me.)

    [Portal Name]: (Ex: HubPortal- no spaces)
    Selected Region: (x1,y1,z1 x2,y2,z2)
    Destination Portal: (Ex: CreativePortal)
    player: (The player's direction after entering the portal- relative to global compass)
  2. it is not needed to save every 10 minutes, you can do that saves right after tou have created a portal
  3. This plugin still works but need some serious updates on bugs. If I have authme or xauth and have login on for all servers, it have this horrible bug of going through the nether portal, where players will be unable to open their chat after they arrive at another server.

    Indeed this is a great plugin, but someone need to ask the author to fork this if no one is trying to update it.
  4. You can add another plugin to your server that will force the player to go to the main spawn point whenever they enter that server :p
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  5. Do you know of one that works on the latest Spigot? The only plugin I could find was JoinCommand.
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  6. Great plugin, i dont understand why the filter in /bportals select isnt disabled automatically if nothing is filled in
  7. Could you add portal effect?
  8. Video Tutorial on the Plugin

    Credits Video: (AbsintoJ/BungeePortals)
  9. YoFuzzy3


    This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
  10. Very good plugin :)
  11. is this working with 1.8.8 ?
  12. Yes.
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  13. Not working for me, when I make the selection and make the portals, it works fine, but it doesn't teleport me to the server I made the portal lead to. I can teleport fine to the server when I do the command /server (name) tho. Someone help?
    That's my version.
  14. Fixed, ignore this :)
  15. can add a tp delay like normal nether portal and add random server?
  16. this is for bungeecord,only need add the ip in your bungeecord config
  17. I've fully setup my bungee cord server, like when I join the proxy server, it takes me to the hub, all fine, but when I try to do /server to see my servers to make a portal, well it says unknown command, anyone know how to resolve this?
  18. Thanks for pointing out the way to add Portal block to my portals, do you know how to rotate the block since I have portals going along both x and z axis