Bungee - Proxy BungeeReport | The best report plugin in SpigotMC! 2.0.1

Report command for your bungeecord server!.

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    BungeeReport | Report command for bungeecord!. - Report command for your bungeecord server!.

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  2. Hola, Salta algún error en la consola?
  3. Thank you so much for this wonderful plugin!
    May I reprint the plugin to "www.mcbbs.net"?
    It's the largest Chinese Minecraft forum.
    I will mark you as an author and write a link to spigotmc.
  4. Thanks for your reply!.
    Yes, it can.
  5. Hey i downloaded ur plugin, and put it on bungee server. i do the perms in LuckPerms. when wirte /report MC says unkonwen command.
    Where is my mistake?
  6. Maybe I don't enable the bungeecord in spigot.yml.
  7. On every SubServer bungeecord is on true.
  8. put "/ report" in the bungeecord console and inform me if there are errors