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    BungeeSignsPremium - PremiumBungeeSigns with Colors&Animations(Create Signs which can be used to switch Server)

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    New Features!

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  3. I feel that, this should be free... But thats just me...
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  4. Please add a art of a cloud system like Hive and so on!

    Wich i can make groups and only the ├┤jnline servers will be displayed.


    - oitc-01
    - oitc-02
    - oitc-03


    - sg-01
    - sg02
    - sg-03
  5. JBS


    It's a great idea but it create much lagg on the server because of the refresh of the signs. Can you fix this problem? What are the default permissions for users to use the sign?
  6. Make it so the MOTD refreshes then I'll buy.
  7. do you have skype?(kannst du deutsch sprechen?)
  8. Updated to the most recent fix and started to get this error on startup: