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Best bungee staff list plugin ever

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    BungeeStaff - Best bungee staff list plugin ever

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  2. Hello, I love this Plugin I been Looking for one like this thank you! Do u think u can add like a tp and hover it so people can tp to them?
  3. I am working on!
  4. Thank u and one other think u Miss Spell May in the donate u put "You many donate" <3

    My Server ip is TheCoreMC.fmc.pw
  5. ~ Added :)
  6. Can you add permissons?
  7. /hidestaff comes up as unknown command.

    Edit: the command is /staffhide
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  8. I'll work on that its just much easier without permissions as /staffhide is given to players listed in the config
  9. Yes but you have the command listed wrong on the main page, you have it as /hidestaff
  10. Why do u want perms? to the list
  11. So you can decide who people can see in their search list. I would like players to be able to see mods and admin only. And mods and admin to be able to see headadmin and owners.
  12. I fixed that
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  13. Also needs to be changed in the permissions section.
  14. If players can see every admin in their list, they are just going to ask the owner if they are on. Even if its something a mod can sort out, they will always go to the highest admin. They do on our servers.
  15. Didn't understand anything you said. Just don't put the admins on the list
  16. I'm thinking of adding:
    - Clicking on the staffs name will message them
  17. do u think symbols will crash it?