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Easy cross-server staff and admin chat with only one plugin!

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    BungeeStaffChat - Easy cross-server staff and admin chat with only one plugin!

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  2. @inventor02 BUG: Cannot do commands, I have * permission, and I also manually added the plugin's permissions to me, still doesn't work.
  3. Hiya, I'll give you a list of steps to debug it.
    1. Are you running the plugin from BungeeCord's plugins folder? It is a BungeeCord proxy-side plugin and won't run in spigot.
    2. * permission does not, to the best of my knowledge, exist in BungeeCord. If you give yourself permission nodes staffchat.staff and staffchat.admin then the problem should be resolved.
    3. If you get long error messages (stack traces), let me know, as they do help debug the problem even further.
    To add a permission node, your config.yml file in BungeeCord's root directory needs to contain these:
    Code (Text):
      - WhateverYourDefaultPermsAre
      - staffchat.staff
      - staffchat.admin
    Code (Text):
      - admin
    Hope that this helps you! If you think this is a bug in my code after testing the debug steps shown above, create an issue here. Thanks!

    I'm also working on adding a * permission for the future.
    EDIT: I've added this feature! Download the latest update and it should work!
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  4. Redisbungee support?